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I tweet as @QuintBy, an awkward but useful shortening of the term ‘quintuple bypass’. While the predominant theme of my Twitter account is ICU delirium and the ICU experience, I have only the one account and thus am more than capable of alienating my followership in all of the many areas I am interested in besides the ICU. I am pleased to assert that at least half of my 600 or so followers are medical professionals, mainly in emergency and critical care specialties.

If you are unfamiliar with Twitter  now is the time to become acquainted with it. Here is my 140 character Bio:

Lawyer in a past life;CABGx5;TBIx4;ABIx3;ICU deliriumX17days; Advocate for improved life/lifespan for ICU delirium survivors via education of & by MDs

2 thoughts on “Follow me on Twitter

  1. Hello,
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts and am really glad you are sharing your story. I have experienced ICU delirium and wild hallucinations from morphine and these visions have too stayed with me. Many healthcare professionals and caregivers that I have spoken to assume that patients have no or limited memory of their ICU experience (something we both know to be untrue). Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and I look forward to reading more.

  2. You’re welcome. Naturally different people have different experiences in terms of what they remember. That fact that physicians either actually are or choose to be out to lunch when it comes to assessing delirium is evidenced by my own experience: I was permitted to sign a consent for emergency high risk quintuple coronary artery bypass surgery even as I was telling my wife and others (so I’m told – I have no recollection) that an orderly was running a call girl service among the nurses in the ICU (they weren’t) and that the man who shaved me prior to surgery was a legless dwarf who rolled around on a skateboard.(he wasn’t)

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